Looking for Security? Patriot Services Group Inc. offers armed and unarmed security officers for your event, commercial building or residential space. We make sure there are no losses and offer absolute personal safety to those we are hired to protect.

Quick Response Roving Patrols

Quick Response – Roving Patrol officers can respond quickly to issues (such as responding to alarms or incidences, because they are mobile.) This is a huge benefit to communities of all sizes. It only takes a couple minutes for a patrol officer to respond to an incident when they are already driving.  Roving patrols provide an economical security presence.


Uniformed Security Officers

To maximize safety and maintain your corporate image, our officers come well dressed with clean and professional uniforms to offer a high level of visibility and security presence in order to deter crime. We also offer officers with comfortable, casual uniforms to provide a friendly and warm appearance upon entry to your retail establishments, hotels, condominiums and office buildings.


Event Security

We offer security for special events from political events to sports, entertainment and award show events. Patriot Services Group Inc. provides unparalleled security and protects people and property during events. We can offer advance planning, threat assessment and issue prevention to ensure all aspects of event security are covered. We have experience in event crowd control and proper crisis response. Our team is skilled at understanding and planning the entire security process and working hand in hand with the client. Our personnel are trained to be polite and professional while ensuring a safe and secure event for all attendees.


Personal Protection Officers

At Patriot Services Group Inc., we offer personal protection services to all residents of Alabama and beyond. We have unarmed and armed body guards with experience protecting government officials, celebrities and other VIPs. We devise a plan to provide reasonable protection to high risk individuals on transit or within the required properties.


Patriot Services Group Inc. brings to its clients an integrated approach to security offering a wide range of services with a proven record of dependability. We use the best security technology to give you peace of mind as you go on with your day to day life. Get in touch with Patriot Services Group Inc. to customize a security solution that meets your needs.